Monday, January 22, 2007

Colin's First Snow!

Ah.... there's a "first time" for everything! We had a little snow here in Sunny Syracuse over the weekend, and Colin got his first "taste" of it! Well.... actually, Peyton tasted "only the WHITE snow!" Colin couldn't have tasted anything! He was so bundled up that you can't even SEE his mouth! Matter of fact..... he couldn't even move! He looks like a mummy! Enjoy!

As for Peyton..... he can sleep anywhere! Daddy told him to go into the house, take off his snowsuit, and get ready for lunch..... This was as far as he made it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Killer?... or... Bill's New Toy?

"Aren't I handsome? Doesn't this picture just make you want to say Awwwww.....? Do I LOOK like a vicious Beastie? Beware! They don't call me "Killer" for no reason!!!"

Jeepers, criminy! Just when I thought I had everybody on the edge of their seats, My Dad gave me a bath, and made me look like a drowned rat instead of a vicious Beastie! Who's gonna' believe me now? Huh? Huh?

See? I'm in "attack mode" now! Look how she tries to squirm away! I'll get you, My Pretty!!!!! Heh, heh.....

Now here's somebody who looks like he's afraid.... or maybe he's just doing a poor imitation of Me! Ha! I bark louder!

Well, If I can't scare them, I'll pretend to be in love with them! See? I've got this on on the string already..... who's next?

Ah.... Here's another one. Some guys get ALL the girls..... Bet Dad is jealous. Uh, huh!

Even the Kids love me! I'm one lucky Dog!

They love me so much, they bought all these toys. Some guys are just "chick magnets," I guess! Ah..... life is good!

This was NOT part of my plan.... Oh, no! I'm a Killer.... a Beastie. How can I attract chicks and intimidate my enemies when I'm wearing this whimpy thing? What? Do you think I'm afraid of the rain? Common' Dad! Get this thing off-a' me, or I'll piddle on your lap!

Okay, Maybe I CAN make this work...... Think..... Gene Kelly and "Singing in the Rain." Don't I look suave and debonnaire?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Miss Me?

Hi! Bet y'all wondered where I've been..... or not!
Humpty Dumpty died, and all the kings horses were not able to put him back together again. Soooooo..... thanks to Bryan, I have a brand new "guts" in my old Tower! "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to reach tall buildings in a single bound..... "yeah, yeah..... blah, blah, blah. I haven't decided yet what to name HER, so if you have any "intelligent" ideas, I'll entertain them.

So..... since I couldn't be on my computer, I cross stitched. Here's some of what I did....

I took a "Russian Punch Needle Class" a week ago, and here's my first attempt..... it's a mitten! I spent all of 2-3 hours "thumping" the punch in and out of the muslin to create this lil' gem! It was so much fun, not to mention instantaneous gratification galore, that I'm going to do some more! Watch for it.

I also made the Shaker Ornaments from TGOS (The Gift of Stitching) Magazine. Little did I realize that it was almost ALL done "over one." Petite Point on 36 count linen is such fun! NOT!
At some point, I'll actually make them into the ornaments, but for now, I just "framed" them with my new photo program..... lazy me!

Last, but not least, I also started the TGOS first "Mystery Sampler." I know, it's almost a year old, but I always seem to get a late start, Kirsten! I guess I just wait till everybody else is finished, and have worked out any "bumps." LOL Anyway..... I had a piece of 28 count "Buttercup" linen (even if it doesn't look like yellow in the photo) that I couldn't figure out what to do with..... yellow isn't MY color, so I tossed the floss, and got started. Not bad so far.... much easier than I expected, and doing all the tiny "motifs" has been fun! Glad you published it, Kirsten. I just love the magazine, and now I'm ready to dive in and get started.

Bill, this blog is for you. I know that you look almost every day. Thanks! Send a pic (or 2 or 10!)of Killer, and I'll blog him!

Laura..... well..... you know..... lol ...... Watch out for helicopters!

Michele...... I hope you were able to access this! I also hope it was worth it.