Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Time!

Okay, I've been "remiss" in posting. So shoot me! I've snuggled and bundled under over 145" of snow to finish some WIP's, and begin a few UFO's. For those who don't stitch, don't ask! For those who DO..... Ya' know!

Here's a sampling.....

The Sampler Girl's "Mrs Lincoln"
From This year's JCS Ornament Issue
From Last Year's JCS Ornament issue
An Old Dimension's Kit
"Fox Run" from The Work Basket

Oh, There's much, much more! Ready?

Ground Hog Day Freebie
I made him into a "Flat Fold"
A mini snowman that was all the rage on my message board
Heart in Hand "Winter" Wee Bird
From La D Da "Back Yard Birds

There's more..... for another day!

There's still plenty of Winter to be had, and snow to fall, so baring disaster, "I'll be baaaaaackkkkkk!"