Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Storm of the Century

"Whoooooshhhhhhh".... "Howllllll".....Why do most of these things seem "over-blown?" (No pun intended!) All I've heard about for the last 3 days is that the "horrible storm" that brought the Mid West to it's knees was headed for my front door! I rushed around like a crazy woman buying food, and battening down my hatches. For what? For a measly 2" of the white stuff last night. It would appear that TSOTC (note the acronym, here), Part 1, never materialized. That dern Lake Ontario with it's 40 degree temps, just couldn't "do" it. Now..... NOW.... we all sit, watching every snowflake fall, wondering if Part 2 will materialize.... Yeah... "Don't go anywhere.... don't DO anything, just in case.... " Sheesh! Doesn't the weatherman understand that it's almost Christmas? I have shopping to finish.... more food to buy.... "STUFF" to do!

I'm tired.... I think I'll go take a nap, and then stitch for a bit.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm D O N E!

That's IT! OVER.... FINI....Ka-put! I have finished shopping for Christmas! May I please have a "whoot" or an "atta girl," or SOME sort of acknowledgment? Look at the date! This is the fastest ever!

Wait! I didn't get a gift for Hubby! Oh, dear....

I suppose that Chris would like something besides a pair of long johns, too.....

Hmmmmm.... what to do? WHAT TO DO?

It's 5:00..... Guess I'll have a glass of North Country Red, and think about it......

Thursday, December 09, 2010

There are HOW many days till Christmas?

Oh, Good Word! Somebody stop the clock! I need more time!I'm not RE-ady!

I've been so absorbed in "Life" that there is no way I'm going to do Christmas! Could we postpone it until.... May or so?

Lots of "stuff" is going on around here. Much of it is really important, too. We've had a wedding.... Well, it happened in July, but the after-effects linger.

There will be a "move" on the day after Christmas, too! It's a cross-country event that takes my Grandsons on a new adventure! I'm so happy for them, and and trying my darn-dest to view it in only the "positive." Yeah, right.

I've stitched up a storm, and at some point you'll see it, too! All this, and more.

I really need to get my "Act" together....

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good..... whatever!