Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Spring!

Wow! What a beautiful day! The sky is blue, and the grass is ..... well.... not quite green.... My narcissus have begun to poke their heads toward the sky with buds peeking at the sun. I haven't seen hide nor hair of a crocus, though. Methinks that the resident squirrels have done their damage. Ah.... Thoughts of Camp reign!

I took a Road Trip with Michele and her Son, Donnie, to Indianapolis on last Monday. Donnie had an appointment with Lance Armstrong's oncologist at the Indy Cancer Institute. The short of the visit is that things remain "stauts-quo," and if that changes, Dr Einhorn (sp?) will "recall" Donnie post-haste to re-evaluate. So, for now, Don and Michele are headed back to Florida until the end of July. They've only been home twice in the last 11 months. Although I'll miss Shelly, at least I know that she'll be back this Summer. I'm just tickled pink that I could help them out by being the "Driver" for them.

Here's some more stitching..... I completed Permin's Freebie Easter Eggs a couple of weeks ago.... I really need to get it framed! I also finished Quaker Row. That was a fun stitch..... Enjoy!

Pelin Tezer Freebie "Refl-egg-tions" Quaker Row by Midnight Stitching