Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine For My Hubby

Okay! First of all.....don't tell John! Got that???? This is a secret till Valentines Day.....

I thought I'd "make" a Valentine for my Hubby this year. He's always crabbing about how much money I spend on my "Hobbies," so I thought I'd actually make something for him with his money! Thoughtful, huh? (Insert applause and "atta' Gurl's" here, please!)

Okay, so it's the thought that counts! Anyway, the pattern is by Cedar Hill, and it's called..... are you all ready..... "Forever Yours." It was supposed to be a simple little stitch with a speciality satin stitch. It turned into a "Frog Monster!" The stupid branch was frogged out a minimum of 4 different times.....that AFTER I'd done all the back stitching! Sheesh! Then the "o," the "r," and the "e" in forever TOOK forever! Over, and over, and over. I'm not a good "bottom to top" stitcher...... Must be a right brain thing! LOL

Anyway, for my Sister, and whoever else cares, here it is..... complete!


Post Script:

Hey!!!! I just went out to see the blog after I'd posted it, and realized that y'all can't see any of the "white" stitching." Bummer! I just want you to know, that in between the red "x's" on the hearts, there's white "x's" there, too! I spent a lot of time on those stupid white ones! LOL

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm "Available"

What's a Guy to do? I'm trying (with my "Daddy's" help) to become a "Chick Magnet." This is Daddy's idea of a sexy Valentine's outfit!

Daddy took me to the .... er...Doggy-barber.... for my very first Pompadore today. Would you just like to barf at the sissy bow? Cheesh! How am I supposed to troll the neighborhood picking up chicks wearing THIS stupid lookin' thing? Huh? Huh? Maybe I should bite Dad's leg! That would teach him! Now.... the bandana I can handle.... kinda makes me look like the "Kissing Bandit." Yeah..... the Ladies love a man wearing a cowboy hat and a bandana....... Macho...... how can I look macho wearing a bow???? Shoulda' bit the groomer......

Maybe I'll just go out and hang around the fire hydrant and wait to get beat up by the German Shepard down the street...... Cheesh!

(somehow the picture just doesn't fit the dog!)