Monday, September 10, 2007

Who IS this Man?

Is this what happens to David when he tries to play "Ben Franklin?" Nope...... uh..... trying to make one arm longer than the other?..... Nope..... Here's Mr Wire Head..... trying to get the best signal....

Dave and Carol's new "Pad"

Dave and Carol have a new house! Thank Goodness! If I had to have Carol whine one more I guess I should thank Noreen for selling?
Oh! So THERE'S the oven pilot! Verrrrrry interesting. Noreen..... KICK HIM!
This is how David "works." A vaccumn and two beers!
Poor Carol. When it came time to "hoe" out the old trailer, she was at a loss..... "Will I still wear this?" Er..... "Carol.... ya' don't wear white after Labor Day.... pack it!"
Ahhhhhhhhhh...... time for a break!

Thanks, again, Noreen...... Carol is now officially HAPPY!

Random shots at camp

Just some random shots from camp..... I know..... they don't mean anything to anybody but us! Tough! Deal with it!
John and David watch Dave and Sue put up the palm tree..... lotta' help THEY are!
The Sanfillippo's "Get together." They put out the "fine china" and had turkey dinner! Very impressive!!!
More of the above

You go here, and you go there......

"YOU go there!"
and "You go THERE!"
"You go where I TELL you to go!"
"NOW Where are they going?"

Nobody give direction like Ushi! LOL She usually has ALL of us coming and going!

It's a Palm Tree!

Yep! And it Lights up, too! Now.... those two "helpers" just wanted to have their pictures taken..... nice try, Carol! You don't even know which end of a tool to use!

What is this Woman DOING????

Yep! That's Ushi putting her "menagarie" back together after Dave finishes mowing the lawn!

Going to Grandma and Grandpa's camp

Poor Colin...... Bless his heart. He held on as long as he could......ZZZZZZZZZZ

Tropical Island, or Just "Camp?"

Now.... one might think that a group of children went on a scavenger hunt..... right? Wrong! This Tropical Island atmosphere was created by our "Front Row" neighbors. What a hoot-n-a-holler we've had this Summer. It seems that every time they arrive for the weekend, another "piece" of a tropical island arrived with them! They're like a group of little kids in a Garden Store!