Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Shame on Me!

I need to tie a string on my finger. I need to set a reminder on my Smartphone. I really need to have somebody kick me in the pants (any volunteers?). I need to post more often. I need a memory!!!!

I've been reminded that I never posted a completed AND framed picture of "True Wisdom." Here ya' go.....

When I got to my Framer's, I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted something "glitzy" or "subdued." After 5 minutes of trying both, we both came to the conclusion that what you see is just Perfection! What do you think?

I'm still plugging along at getting my (85) completed works pinned onto foam core. My poor fingertips "hurt!" Here's the pile that's still left to be pinned, and I've already finished 2 more projects that need foam core. I fear I'm fighting a losing battle, here! lol

Finally, I'm rather proud of myself. I finished my first bell pull. It's a house warming gift for our Daughter. Heather and Shawn purchased their first home in the Phoenix, AZ area.

There ya' go!

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